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At CRx Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you
 create sustainable business strategies that can

• grow the value of your business

• help maintain your license to operate, and

• generate value in the community.

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At CRx Solutions, we develop services based on your company’s unique needs and demands. Our bespoke client services sets CRx Solutions apart and provides you with corporate responsibility solutions that are tailored to your business.



CRx Solutions has projects spanning the globe; from program assessments in the Middle East to Stragetic Development in Africa.


Who We Are

CRx Solutions is a small, client-focused consultancy with extensive access to thought leaders and CR practitioners across the globe. We are able to offer a full suite of corporate responsibility services and, in addition, enlist highly qualified partners for specialized requests.


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map2More and more companies are communicating about their sustainability efforts. But there is a long way to go. Over 80% of companies in Europe produce sustainability reports compared with approximately 40% in North America.
CRx Solutions has extensive reporting experience along with GRI® Reporting Certification to add to our expertise. Let us guide you through your reporting efforts and craft a sustainability report that is meaningful to all your stakeholders.
88PriceWaterhouseCoopers has found that 88% of “millennials” choose employers based on strong corporate responsibility values and 86% would consider leaving if a company’s CR values no longer aligned with their own.

CRx Solutions can help you build a culture of sustainability that will help increase the value of your business and help you become an employer of choice.

While progress has been made, and a record number of women are slated to take the helm of Fortune’s leading companies, their numbers are still few. There are currently 21 female CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, which equates to 4.2%. That number rises to only 4.6% when expanded to include the Fortune 1000.

Let CRx Solutions help you to solve  your diversity and inclusion challenges. We have extensive global experience and are at the forefront of D&I thought leadership.

Why Choose CRx Solutions

      • Client-focused services that are customized to your specific needs
      • Global, cutting-edge experience
      • GRI® Certified Reporting expertise
      • Agile, flexible, responsive and cost effective
      • We are your one stop shop for all your sustainability challenges