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Healthcare Solutions

CRx Solutions has developed specialized sustainability solutions for our healthcare clients and created a dedicated division with an unparalleled focus on the  unique sustainability challenges faced by organizations in the healthcare industry. This division, called CRx Healthcare, provides an holistic approach to carefully crafting sustainability solutions that work for you.

Whether it is medical waste or access to healthcare, our clients need solutions that can provide the right balance between stakeholder demands and operational strategies. Our healthcare sustainability solutions are unique in the healthcare industry.

Our services include strategy development, communication services, and our full array of workshops, training programs, and seminars all with a healthcare focus. We specialize in sustainability reporting and  have developed healthcare sector specific reporting guidelines using a proprietary methodology based on existing
GRI® Sector Supplements. We have made these guidelines available free of charge for your use in the development of your sustainability reporting efforts.

CRx Healthcare brings unparalleled global experience and passion to the solutions we provide.

CRx Healthcare’s Reporting Adjunct for GRI® Reporting  
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